Springtime in Vermont presents a wide range of weather conditions, which means that the selection
of recreational pursuits is more diverse than almost any other time of year. This is a time of glorious
renewal: the snow is melting, the spring flowers are blooming and the maple syrup is flowing.

It’s maple syrup season

As winter slowly fades, Vermont’s 1500 sugarhouses steam into action. Vermont is the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup. Producing nearly 2 million gallons of syrup in 2017, Vermont generated 47 percent of the country’s maple syrup. Meanwhile the annual Maple Open House Weekend is a rite of spring in Vermont.

And it’s still skiing time

March and April are ideal for skiing and snowboarding – many say even better than winter – because though the temperatures are kinder, the snow still falls. Plus, many ski resorts offer end-of-year discounts on their lift tickets, which means you can try out more runs AND bring the entire family for a fraction of the cost.

Take to the piste at the Pico Mountain Ski Resort

The nearby Pico Mountain Ski Resort promises first class skiing and snowboarding on more than fifty trails with seven ski lifts. Ski slopes range from the narrow, steep classic New England slops to gentle, smooth-learning terrain. All of the trails converge into a single area, making it easy to find family and friends.

Long days and fabulous festivals

With the onset of May, the region springs to life with farmers’ markets, festivals and bicycling along the many miles of scenic trails. The long days (sunlight lasting until nearly 9 p.m.) also make this an especially magical time to take in the host of high-profile festivals and events – which cover everything from art and music to blueberries, vintage cars, and maritime history.

Hike the Appalachian Trail to Thundering Falls

The entire trail runs for 2,000 miles, but since it runs through Killington, this is the time to try out some of the shorter trails. One of the best is the short and easy hike to Thundering Falls, the sixth-largest waterfall in Vermont. Suitable for everyone from young kids to the elderly, it offers a wheelchair and stroller-friendly boardwalk.

Splendid spring mountain biking

Spring delivers some of the most splendid mountain biking around as the ski slopes of the mountains transform into a mountain bike park featuring 45 miles of trails serviced by three lifts, a 1,700-foot vertical drop spread across five mountain areas. There’s also a newly-added uphill mountain bike route.

Spring gone wild

With the daylight lasting until almost 9pm, this is the time to explore the forests and discover the region’s abundance of wild flowers. Its also the time to experience one of the most magnificent gatherings of wildlife in America, the world renowned snowgoose and Canada goose migration as the geese complete their remarkable 5,000-mile journey from the Arctic to the American South.

Frogs and hermit thrushes

Spring is the best time to hear the call of Vermonts renowned frogs. Particularly in late March and early April the frog chorus is literally deafening as the spring peepers, gray treefrogs, wood frogs, green frogs and bull frogs call to each other. This is also the time to experience the flute-like song of our state bird, the hermit thrush.

Discover the covered bridges

Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state. The bridges date from 1820 (the original Pulp Mill Bridge across Otter Creek in Middlebury), with most constructed during the mid and late 19th Century. Locations of the bridges are indicated with symbols on the Vermont Road Map. Among them is the Windsor Cornish Covered Bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Windsor, Vermont and Cornish, New Hampshire. At 465 feet, it is the longest two-span covered bridge in the world and the longest wooden bridge in the United States.

The trout fishing season begins

Go trout fishing on opening day – which is the second Saturday in April. Kent Pond is the perfect spot!

It’s pond-skimming time

Enter a pond-skimming contest – this is a ‘mud season’ tradition

Wine and cheese tasting

Vermont is famous for its wines and cheeses and offers numerous opportunities for winery tours, wine tastings, cheese factory visits and cheese sampling.

Pick up a pair of antlers

As you wander the forest looking for spring flowers, keep your eyes peeled for the shed antlers from whitetail deer or moose

Visit the baby lambs at Billings Farm and Museum

Springtime is lamb and calf time at Billings Farm Museum, which is just a scenic stroll from the village center of nearby Woodstock. Regarded as one of the finest outdoor history museums in the country, it combines a fully-operating Jersey dairy farm with a fascinating range of educational exhibits and interactive programs for all the family.

Discover the regions’ hand-made beer

Take a tour of one of the many breweries where traditional methods are used to make a wide range of signature beers. The Long Trail Brewery, which is nearby, is famed for its line-up of captivating brews.

Visit the Birds of Vermont Museum

Visit the Birds of Vermont Museum, located in Huntington, VT, this museum features over 500 carved wooden birds, a 100-acre sanctuary and nature preserve, and a bird viewing window for observing various species.

Call in to the Coolidge State Park

Just outside Killington in Plymouth this park offers primitive gold panning, and hiking trails In early spring there’s also snowmobiling on the park’s extensive network of trails and roads.

Brave the Bucklin Trail

A glory of panoramic springtime views of the Green Mountains await on the Bucklin Trail, a 7.2-mile route that goes straight up to Killington Peak from whence you can see the Adirondacks in New York and the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Marvel at the Marble Museum

Just 25 minutes from Killington in Proctor, VT, guests can learn all about Vermont’s renowned marble industry at the largest marble exhibit in the world. There’s also an art gallery and sculpture studio, and a gift shop full of treasures.

Cruise The Loop

Take to the open road for a glorious one-hour scenic tour of the area taking in Stockbridge Barnard and Woodstock. This is also your chance to sample the legendary general stores, bakeries, art galleries, ice-cream stalls and cafes of the region.