Summer 2015
Wedding Newsletter
Dear _____,

We're having a terrific season so far!  If you want to check out reviews of this season's weddings, check out WeddingWire.  The Mountain Meadows Lodge wedding team is delivering some truly extraordinary customer service and customizations.  We are really looking forward to hosting Lainey & Jesse, Stefanie & Jakub, Teresa & Kevin, Em & Chris, Hilary & Zachary, Liz & Darin, Alison & Matt, Nikki & Brian, Chantelle & Alex, Andrea & Ken, Kathryn & Colin, Betsy & Jason, Krissi & Mike in the weeks and months to come. 

What follows is some tidbits and updates.  Hope you can find something useful or inspiring in here.

The peepers are chirping in the marsh across the street -- it's so nice to hear them in the evening.  And speaking of chatter... two pairs of barn swallows made nests in the barn this spring and so far have hatched two broods apiece so there is lots of zooming about all day long (which is great since they eat flying bugs!).  One pair has built a nest in a crook just above one of the entryways to the main lodge so we're all having a great time watching them dart about feeding themselves and their young.  Our loons have returned to the lake again this year and they are very active teaching their two young to fish.  When you take a kayak out, don't forget your camera.  And keep your eye out for a bald eagle - one has been spotted again and again over the lake.  Also, we've got three hummingbird feeders up and they are quite busy all day long.
Highlights from this season so far...

Certainly, we can't document all the highlights in this newsletter (maybe Facebook can do that???), but here are a few things that come to mind.


Addie's theme was "like getting married in your grandmother's attic" so the quaint charm of Mountain Meadows Lodge was accentuated with extra rustic elements, evoking comfort and warmth and nostalgia.  So cool!


Jim and Olivia presented every one of their guests with a miniature, hand-painted canvas as personal momentos of their wedding day.  Wow!


A wedding guest made a chalk mural of Mountain Meadows lodge and it was on display all weekend.


For Laura and Ira, PV executed a vermouth and spices-spiked brisket to perfection!  


For Linda and Mike, I made a new Cuban Pork Tenderloin (inspired by my May 2015 trip to Cuba!) - it starts with a marinade of fresh ginger and lime and other spices then it's grilled and served carving station-style.  So awesome! 


Katherine & Josh chose a pig roast for the Friday night welcome dinner and  that was certainly a huge hit.  Because we had some uneaten delectables (after all, it was a WHOLE pig for only 60 people!) we had fun re-introducing the meat all weekend long.  We made "pig roast wraps" for lunch, BBQ-pork pizzas for late-night, and then meat-lovers frittata for Sunday brunch!


PV made a dazzling array of Italian desserts for one wedding.  How about tiramisu, small boozy rum cakes, canolli, and Neapolitans instead of wedding cake?  Yum!


One weekend, we ordered "spicy greens" from a local grower in Hartland, Vermont.  These were mescalins and baby greens--some rather peppery-- with johnny jump-ups appearing in the mix.  Made for a really ZESTY salad!


In May I got to meet the family of one of my musical heroes owing to the fact that the groom has a very famous uncle.  Michael Omartian is a multi-Grammy winner and has worked with many musical stars that I admire so much like Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Pete Cetera, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Michael Crawford, Larnell Harris and many many others. He and his wife Stormie wrote a musical called Child of The Promise that I worked on "way back when" and I had a wonderful time chatting about that work with his family.

Wedding Services & Activities

Five Elements Day Spa in nearby Rutland has some new services for hair and other pampering for wedding parties.  Check them out if you haven't already made other arrangements.

Vermont Limousine and Shuttle Service has begun a new service for weddings.  They are new to our web page.

We have a new bike store in town!  If you or your guests want to get out and explore, rent a bike from Alpine Bike Works, just up the street.

The Killington Resort has installed a host of new summer activities.  In addition to golfing and vast mountain biking trails, there's a new ADVENTURE CENTER with a coaster, disc golf, ATVs, mineral mining, scenic lift rides, a soaring eagle ride, water activities on snowshed pond,

a high-ropes course, and a terra maze.

    aerial ceremony group photo in front of lake
Rooms and Lodging


We've updated Room 18 with a queen bed so we've updated the rooming list. If you need a new copy one is here along with other wedding documents.


And don't forget that the discounted wedding rate for your guests is good for before and after the wedding so many of them will want to make a Vermont vacation out of their trip.  There are loads of activities in the area.




Many couples ask for help and guidance in determining tips, below is a list of what we've seen as an average for gratuities for the staff for your wedding weekend at Mountain Meadows Lodge. 

Of course, gratuities will depend on the level of service you experience and the size of the wedding. Hourly staff share in the meal gratuity that is on your invoice.  David is on salary and does not share in this gratuity.  Here's is what I've seen in the last 10 years:

  • Dave - Operations Manager: $100-$600
  • Lauren - Wedding Coordinator/Supervisor: $100-$500
  • PV - Sous Chef/Baker/Kitchen: $50-$200
  • Kelsey-Supervisor/ Events Coordinator $100-$500
  • All others total, which is split depending on hours worked: $100-$300

If anyone has stood out that you would like to take care of separately we can help you with that.

As always, please let us know how we can make your event all that you want it to be!
All the best,