Alice answers Frequently Asked Questions


Mountain Meadows Lodge supports local growers and producers and purchases products that are environmentally friendly

  • We use local growers and the Vermont Fresh Network, through Black River Produce
  • We use local dairy recources (Thomas Dairy, Cabot Creamery, and others)
  • We purchase post consumer recycled content products
  • We are members of
Mountain Meadows Lodge is environmentally sensitive. Here are some of the ways we try to be green:
  • We recycle glass, cardboard, aluminum and other recyclable materials
  • We recycle downed limbs and trees as firewood
  • We’ve recently (July 2007) replaced a boiler to a modern fuel-efficient lower-carbon-footprint system, replacing a wasteful antiquated system. It supplies both heat and hot-water for the lodge. Biofuel is a component of the fuel mixture.
  • We continually work on the the thermal envelope at both buildings. We have an on-going project to replace many windows in the lodge and farmhouse. You’ll notice many new vinyl windows throughout the lodge
  • Where possible, energy-efficient lighting is used throughout the lodge
  • Wood is used in the wood-burning stove and fireplaces to supplement heat
  • For many events we’ll utilize outdoor cooking equipment and natural fuels to cook
  • Manure and other barn waste (from the on-site animals) is used on the lawns and gardens keeping the amount of manufactured fertilizers low
  • The sheep are allowed to graze on the lawn much of the time to help trim and 'fertilize'
  • Kitchen scraps are used to supplement the animal feed
How you can help:
  • Use the recycle bins or bring recyclables to someone in the kitchen
  • If you’re with us for a few nights and can re-use your towels, hang them up. If you need new towels, ask a staff-member or leave your used towels on the floor
  • Understand that some lights in the game room and other common areas might be off when you visit. Turn on the lights when you need them
  • The alarm clock in your room is in a dresser drawer, unplugged. If you need it, please feel free to plug it in and set it
  • Turn off lights, fans, TV’s and turn the heat down when you leave for the day
  • Unplug the TV and alarm clock when you check out
  • Understand that as you walk about the property the lawns may show signs that the sheep have been out of the pasture grazing