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Alice answers Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Meadows Lodge

Whereís Alice?
Iím right here.

Sorry. I mean, where can I see you when I come to Mountain Meadows Lodge?
In nice weather Iím wandering around eating, come and find me. I love to nap in the sun in any type of weather. In the winter, Iím probably in the barn in my house. If you really need to see me, I will come if Greg or Bill call me. Because I love them the most.

How old are you?

How much do you weigh?
Iím 7 years old.

Why donít the animals run off? Or fly off?
Because weíre not stupid. Well, the sheep ARE really stupid, but not that stupid.

Can you fish in the Lake?
I donít eat fish.

Sorry. Can I fish in the Lake?
Yes. It is stocked with trout and bass. Did I mention that I donít eat fish?

Can I swim in the Lake?
Of course. If itís good enough for me to drink out of, itís good enough for you to swim in. It is clear and fresh and pure and surprisingly warm in the summer because itís a shallow lake.

Whereís the Appalachian Trail?
Just walk down to the Lake, you canít miss it. Iíve walked a total of 10 yards on it. Thereís very little to eat on the AT.

Iím afraid that when I leave Mountain Meadows Lodge I will miss you a lot and get really sad.
Buy a T-shirt with my picture on it and tell all your friends about me. Buy a mug with my mug on it and kiss me every morning when you drink your coffee.

Do you bite?
I get excited when I eat so please keep your fingers away from my mouth when Iím eating.

Do the other animals bite?

Are you friends with the other animals at Mountain Meadows Lodge?
I'm still trying to make up my mind about Charlie. While others find him charming or cute, I'm still undecided.

Can I get dinner at Mountain Meadows Lodge?
Yes, of course. Look on the catering part of the web page, and then click on Guest Dining. Please excuse me, all this talk about food is making me hungry; Iíll be right back.

Can I get a drink at Mountain Meadows Lodge?
Yes, of course. Look on the Amenities page, then click on Guest Services.

How much snow are we supposed to get?
Iím a pig, how should I know? Use the computer in the dining room and click on the snow report or the weather links.

Who helped you type this?
Greg and Bill. Because I love them the most.