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Since you've expresses interest in Weddings at Mountain Meadows Lodge, we thought you might like to see a sample newsletter.

How's your wedding planning coming?  For next steps, look over the recent newsletters to see if there are things left unattended.   Here's a long list.

  • Save the date
  • DJs / band
  • Officiant / Justice of the Peace / Minister
  • Rooming list for MML
  • Overflow lodging at neighboring inns
  • Photographer
  • Florist or a flower/decoration plan
  • Wedding insurance
  • Shuttle service
  • Cake / Dessert
  • Wedding Web page
  • Photo booth
  • Gift bags. 
  • Favors

 Here are some vendors we recommend


Another way to do a sanity check is to look over our sample schedule. This overview of a  weekend wedding timeline might help you envision your event, and may help you to navigate your next step in the process.


Making a visit to continue to talk menu, colors, equipment rental and other details is a great idea.  I've sent a list of available Spring dates in another newsletter, but we're here really any time to help, so feel free to propose a time.  


New Rooming List Available

We're always making improvements at MML.  This time we've added a single sleep sofa to Room 7 and a single sleep sofa to Room 14.  Check out the new rooming list 

Beer...  By Dave


Have you thought about which beer is right for your wedding? There are so many choices out there to choose from, especially now-a-days with all of these delicious micro brews popping up it can make your head spin. When it comes time to pick a beer for your wedding have no fear, we're here to help make things clear!


There are so many varieties to choose from both in bottles and on tap. The most popular beers we see folks ask for have been any one of the fine beers from Long Trail Brewing. The brewery is only 11 miles from here -- you can't get much more local than that! With so many options available both seasonally and year round there's an option for every beer lover's taste buds.  


For draft beer for your event, we'll encourage you to pick a couple of options. Our cold plate has two taps so you can pick up to two draft beers. Generally we think it's a good idea to pick one lighter and one darker beer so that your guests can have a choice. If you are thinking of doing draft beer try not to think in terms of quantity, that's our job, and you guys shouldn't have to worry about it. The factors that go into your choices depend on your bar plan, budget, number of people and ultimately your preferences.


In addition to the Long Trail varieties, some other very popular wedding beers on tap are  Switchback and Fiddlehead IPA.  We'll certainly nudge you to pick Vermont beers!  A new local brewer is offering a fine selection of beers.  Please consider Roaring Brook Brewery and their fabulous Gold Rush HPA!  If you come this way for a visit, we'll get you a taste!


We keep Long Trail Ale, Long Trail IPA and Long Trail Limbo IPA in bottles as part of our "house" line up. Other "house" beers in bottles usually include: Budweiser, Bud Light, Amstel Light, Corona, Guinness, Magic Hat #9 & Magic Hat Circus boy, and Woodchuck Amber hard cider. Let us know if there is something else you'd like to see in bottles.


Keep in mind that your favorite neighborhood craft beer may not have a regional distributor here in Killington or in Vermont at all, so you'll have to choose something that our distributors offer. 


We are a Vermont liquor licensee, so you can't bring anything alcoholic onsite, even home-brew.  Sorry! It's strictly against Vermont laws.  Tell your guests:  no tailgating - it's not that kind of wedding venue!


If you guys have any questions about a particular beer, specifically Vermont beers, please feel free to reach out to one of us. We are more than willing to always talk beer with anyone that wants to. Who doesn't like to talk about beer? We're happy to help you every step of the way in choosing the right beer for your special day.


Sad news...


Some really sad news that I'm sorry to share:  Alice, our Vietnamese pot-bellied pig and MML mascot, passed away a few days ago.  Her arthritis was making it very hard to move around, stay warm and eat.  She would cry if I tried to get some food (and pain-killers) into her and one day she just stopped eating.  I brought her inside to get her more comfortable and warm and to see if she would perk up enough to eat.  Dave and I monitored her continuously and though for a few hours she responded when we talked to her or scratched, after a while breathing her breathing slowed to a stop.  Her passing was peaceful.  She was almost 14 and it was just her time to go.  Her MML family will miss her very much!



An idea...


We love this idea:  You supply drinking glasses for your guests to fill and refill while they are here for your event and for them to take home as wedding favors.  Consider ball jars with handles, mason jars, pint glasses, pilsners or something similar.  Ribbons attached to the glass with the guests name on it...  A bunch of "glass-writing" pens for your guest to write their own name.  Of course, you can get fancy and have them embossed with YOUR NAMES on them too!  Environmentally "green", economical, practical...  win-win-win! 



Check out the new reviews on from a wedding we did a few weeks ago.  

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