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History of Mountain Meadows Lodge

Mercier Family Photo Album

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About the Innkeepers     

We are Anne and Bill Mercier and family. We purchased Mountain Meadows Lodge in 2006, moving back to New England from Northern Virginia (after having lived in central Ohio and Massachusetts). Anne’s family has a long and rich Vermont history.

Anne and Bill are proud to have five wonderful children: Daughters Jessica and Dominique live in West Virginia not too far from one another and Michael is an engineer, married and living/working/playing in Chicago. [Check out Michael's hovercraft business here!] You might see them with their families around the lodge from time to time helping out with the family business as well as playing and enjoying Vermont life. Gregory is an engineer living in Columbus and Claire is a full-time music conservatory student in New York. You might see them around the inn and they'll share stories about growing up in Vermont or share a story about the animals.

Click here for a few pictures from Jessica's wedding weekend.

Click here for a few pictures from Dominique's wedding weekend.

Aliona Postolachi, Assistant Innkeeper: Ali comes from Moldova, where, not unlike Vermont, she grew up amidst four-seasons. This led to her lifelong love for the outdoors—and Vermont has so much to offer in our great green woods! She spends her time hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, or taking pictures. But even if the weather chooses not to cooperate, she is always on the move, and you can find her in the gym most days as well. Which is probably why she qualified for the national gymnastics championship throughout her youth.
It’s not just her steady supply of energy that had us begging her to work at Mountain Meadows, but her friendly disposition and engaging mind. Aliona speaks three languages—English, Russian, and Romanian—and she studied Philology before coming to the U.S. in 2009. Being from Eastern Europe, she is always willing to discuss mycology with Alex (unlike the rest of the staff!), and she’s a great lover of animals. If you asked her the favorite part of her day, it would probably be feeding our five goats and Shetland pony.
Working for many years in Property Management, she first joined MML part-time in 2016. It became immediately apparent that she was the most helpful person in the room. From guest services to bartending to prep-cooking, there was nothing she couldn’t do, and always with a smile. Eventually Bill, Anne, Marge, PV, and Alex all decided that the weeks were duller without her presence. So we begged her to join the staff full-time, and she has been the Assistant Innkeeper ever since.

Marge Barbagallo, Wedding Coordinator: Marge first joined Mountain Meadows Lodge two years ago. She has added to her already extensive background in hospitality by taking part in over 30 weddings with the MML staff. With over ten years of experience in this industry, she knows how to utilize her easy-going, detail oriented mindset to focus on the task at hand—guiding the festivities of your wedding—despite the often loud and joyous celebration going on around her. How does she manage this so seamlessly? Well, if you think pulling off the perfect wedding is difficult, just try teaching middle and elementary school! Marge is a seasoned teacher, and the same qualities of compassion, focus, and a reassuring hand translate perfectly to helping facilitate your special day.
Like most people on the MML staff, Marge didn’t start her life in Vermont, but like the rest of us, this is where she’s chosen to stay. Growing up in Brooklyn, Marge first came to Vermont to attend college and returned to the City after graduating. But she quickly realized that Vermont was where she wanted to raise her family, and returned for good. As anyone who has ever lived in Brooklyn knows, it is very different to Vermont. Marge uses the life experience of having lived in both settings to channel the best of both places. She is strong and confident while being kind and polite. That’s why she’s our Wedding Coordinator, and why we’re so happy to have her.

Alex Daniels, Resort Manager: Since graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in English and a minor in Outdoor Education in 2011, I have worked on cruise ships, private yachts, been a live-in nanny in Germany, and worked as a whale watching guide in Iceland. I am conversationally fluent in German, intermediate in Spanish, and have learned much about the different cultures and animals of the world—all while traveling to over forty countries. Through these experiences I have confirmed what I always knew: that I enjoy interpersonal communication and that nothing makes me happier than crafting the perfect experience for others. The life of the sailor is extremely transitory, and as such, I decided to come back home to New England where I feel the most comfortable around mountains and trees. Working for Mountain Meadows gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family, get back on the trails, and get back in the woods—all while working for an establishment that mixes high quality service with a familial air. I’m excited to be part of the team and part of your experience with Mountain Meadows, whether that be a wedding, private event, or just a few nights between hiking or skiing!

Also part of our "family" is David Wright, the Mountain Meadows Lodge Operations Consultant. Dave is from the Schenectady NY area and is a graduate of the Resort and Hospitality Management program of Green Mountain College. He can be seen often at the Lodge keeping virtually everything in order.

Bill & Anne Mercier
Mountain Meadows Lodge

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