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Text of Winter 2012 Wedding Newsletter

From: Mountain Meadows Lodge
Subject: News from Mountain Meadows Lodge

Winter 2012

A few updates to help keep you informed on the happenings at Mountain Meadows, and a few wedding planning tips...
Our 2012"wedding season" is complete and we are really looking forward to the 2013 wedding season. We just have to find a way to get through this winter... We hope many of you can make it to Mountain Meadows Lodge to enjoy the beautiful Vermont winter and maybe even do some wedding planning! We're happy to sit down with you and discuss your event when you come.
The lake is trying to decide whether it should freeze over and really make it look like winter. We've been getting a little bit of snow but it's not sticking. Poor Alice is a bit cranky since she has a sore foot... but the vet and the MML staff have got her all pamperedand healing. She'll be fine in a few days. The rest of the gang in the pasture are all fat and furry ready for winter! One sheep has gone blind, poor thing, but she is healthy otherwise. She can find her food and even though she bumps into things sometimes, she seems content. If you want to hear a crazy/funny/only-in-Vermont/only-at-Mountain-Meadows story... ask Bill about Duke, a border collie, a contractor, and a sheep who went for a swim.... Some big news in our family: Our oldest daughter, Jessica and her husband, Mike (who were married here, by the way blessed us with our first grandchild this Fall. Jordan Eva is a beautiful little bundle of love and was the star of the Thanksgiving gathering here at the lodge (of course!).

Read on for some wedding planning tips and please visit the website - we've posted a bunch of testimonials from this past wedding season and a whole bunch more photo albums and slide shows.
Menu Planning

If you haven't considered your menu yet, look over our catering page and see what looks intriguing. You can also take a look at our sample menus, too. You're not limited to the items on our web page. If you see something on the Food Channel that you think you might like for your wedding, just let me know and I'll find a recipe. Then, I will let you know if it can be scaled up and we'll take it from there. We are always available to help customize your menu. Give us a theme or some broad brush-strokes and we'll be happy to design a menu that fits your style.

If you're looking for a really great pasta option, here's a link to some terrific gourmet ravioli from one of our favorite suppliers.

Dessert option: We've updated the Ben & Jerry's ice cream planning document

Time line: If you have a summer wedding, look at the typical schedule. Although you do not have to keep to this schedule, it is just helpful for you to see how a weekend can unfold. It may also stimulate your imagination on what might still be left undone on your "to do" list. Another idea is to flip through a couple of the slide shows on our web page. Most of them are set up chronologically so you can really "see" how the weekend might unfold.

The questionnaire: For weddings, we will send you an outline document about 6 weeks before your event. Our goal is to capture all the details from all your emails, phone calls, and meetings. You will have a chance to add some details, make changes or corrections and fill in any holes we find.

Number of guests: By about six weeks out, you will have an early estimate of the number of guests attending your event and numbers for meals. We would like another "near-final" number two weeks out, then a final number a few days before - small changes even right up to the day of the event will not be a big deal at our end.

Rooming list: Some of your guests have already started to call and we're confirming reservations with them. If your event is in 2013 please send us your rooming list when you can and then have your guests call to confirm. Do not worry if it is not set in stone - there can always be adjustments made. We especially like to get their confirmation to hold their room if they want to book for days before and after the wedding. Remind them that they cannot book online - the lodging page will show that Mountain Meadows is sold out since all the rooms are being held for your event. And remind them that the discounted wedding rate is good for nights before and after the wedding. There are documents here to help with rooming. We've made a small change to Room 5 - it now has a queen bed rather than a double.

More lodging: If you have not arranged for overflow lodging at other inns, you might think about doing that soon. Here's a link to some partnering inns that are located near Mountain Meadows Lodge.

Get a jump on these if they apply:

*Get out a Save-the-Date to your invite list.

*Investigate wedding insurance: Here's a link to get you started.
*Interview DJs / bands and get an idea of their advance bookings
*Interview some Justice of the Peace/Ministers and get on their calendar

If you're getting a tent: We'll handle your equipment rental--in fact, we've already reserved everything for you. We will need to tweak the order at some point, so be thinking about these questions. Do you know if you want a head table, a sweetheart table, round tables, picnic tables? What color will your linen be? Do you prefer round plates? Square plates?

Breakfasts for guests at the overflow lodges: If you have guests staying at the other inns in the area you are welcome to invite them to Mountain Meadows Lodge for breakfasts and lunches (if you're planning lunches). It is $11 per person, or $11.95 for Sunday brunch. We would like an approximate count for these "outside" breakfasts about two weeks ahead or when you submit your questionnaire. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Friendly Reminder: Particularly if your event is an outdoor summer event, please communicate to your guests that because of the nature of our liquor license and Vermont Laws, alcohol cannot be brought in. [Some will get the idea that since it is a country setting that "anything goes", but that's not the case since we are an establishment with a liquor license and there are rules to follow...] THANKS!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pamper your guests

Here are some ideas we have seen over the years to make your guests feel welcome and give some personal touches to your weekend.

*Rent a golf cart for guests who are mobility-impaired to get them to the ceremony site.

*Arrange for a shuttle service that guests don't have to drive back to a neighboring hotel after partying.

*Building an "emergency kit" for your guests is nice. Fill it with travel size toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, chap stick, bug spray, and the like. There's a crazy list and more here

*Design a welcome letter [] that gives folks times and suggestions for activities. Tuck it into a "welcome basket" for your guests, along with some refreshments (snacks, bottled water, etc.)

*Bag up some corn, oats or apples for folks to feed the animals. Guests love it, animals love it--it's win/win!

*Treat your guests to a dazzling fire performance []during the weekend! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here are some ideas for promoting outdoor activities if your group is so inclined:
Hiking on the Appalachian Trail Mountain Meadows Lodge is actually on the AT. If you walk down to the lake, go left to go "south", there is a nice walk along the lake over to Gifford Woods State Park. It is flat so this is a great hike for older folks or little ones. On the way, there are some nice cascades and pools to explore and rocks to climb around on. If you go down to the lake, go right to go "north" - it's a more challenging hike but the payoff is great. Thundering Falls is about 1.5 miles away. The way to the falls is well marked and the falls are easy to find. After the falls there is an ascent up Quimby Mountain. If you're in good shape and want an extended hike or challenging trail run in a little-traveled area, this is a great spot - up to the top of Quimby then turn around and come back the same way,
Hiking around town. Here's a map

Disc golf. There's a super disc golf right next door.

Gondola ride. Rides to the top of Killington are available starting in June and run through the fall.

Boating. Remind your guests that if they have a kayak or canoe to strap it to the roof of the car to bring to your event. No motor boats are allowed.
Fishing. Kent pond is a great site to fish. In Vermont, you do need a fishing license - it's easy to get one online

Swimming. We have a small outdoor pool and the lake is great for swimming.
Please feel free to call or email with any ideas, updates, or questions.
All the best,
Bill, Anne, Dave and the whole gang at Mountain Meadows Lodge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 2012
Bill, Anne, and Dave
Thank you for all your help making our wedding day the one of our dreams. Everything you did was above and beyond our expectations. We couldn't imagine having our wedding any place else.
Teri & Ben ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This email was sent to by Mountain Meadows Lodge | 285 Thundering Brook Rd | Killington | VT | 05751